Homeopathy for Women's Hormones & Wellbeing






We have over 20 years experience working with women's hormonal health issues. We treat women throughout their whole hormonal life cycle - problem periods and puberty, fertility, birth & post birth issues, menopause - physical and emotional issues that women experience.  We have a unique combination of skill sets including: homeopathy, counselling, midwifery, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy & psychology.  We work as a team, so that you get the best possible care.

At each consultation we find out the problem you would like us to help, and provide an individual and tailored homeopathic approach with the aim of enabling you to reach your full health & potential  Homeopathy is a practical system of medicine, which aims to re-balance your body's natural systems so that no longer have troublesome physical symptoms and emotionally feel well.

For women struggling with fertility, we give remedies targeting the particular issues you face.  For some women this is an entirely natural approach, for others we can support them with homeopathic remedies through IVF treatment.  We can share our knowledge of all the different IVF options that are available to you.

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"I had no idea what was wrong, but it seemed that I was having more pain during my cycle than any of my friends, as well as the bleed being very heavy - I got it checked by the GP but I didnt get any answers.

It was really good to have time to go over things with a fine tooth comb, and I really got to understand how my hormones were massively out of balance.  After treatment, my cycle was lighter, less painful and more regular.  A real relief"


We could see that this client's hormones were not balanced, it was creating unpleasant symptoms of heavy and irregular periods.

The body works much better when it is in balance, and homeopathy aims to work with your body to restore its natural balance.  Although women do experience their periods slightly differently, there is a normal for them which should be regular, not too light or too heavy, relatively pain free, and mood swings, PMT not a problem.  We do not need to suffer bad periods!

Anne & Claire trained together, and have run clinics for women in a variety of settings, including domestic violence refuges and mother and child drug rehabilitation centres as well as specialist clinics for women's health, fertility, hormonal and emotional support.